Get to Know... Maia Moffitt

Get to Know... Maia Moffitt

The Rhode Island women's basketball team will depart for its trip to Portugal and Spain on Friday, Aug. 25. Leading up to trip, will have a series of question-and-answer pieces with the team's newcomers.

The series continues today with guard Maia Moffitt from Bay Shore, N.Y. Moffitt is a combo guard with a proven track record for winning. The Catholic League MVP as a junior, Moffitt has led St. Anthony's to state championships in both the 2013-14 and 2015-16 seasons.

What was it about the University of Rhode Island that stood out to you and made you want to come here?
When I visited, the campus seemed really nice. It was close enough to home without seeming like it was too far. The team felt like a family here, and I really liked that. When it comes to being on a basketball team, I feel like you should be more than just teammates. You should be like family too.

A number of the players have mentioned the word family. Is that something you felt from your first visit, or was it a feeling that grew over the recruiting process?
When I first came on my official visit, the girls here took me in right away. I was walking around campus with the team, and I felt like I was a part of the team even before I committed here. Now that I am here, I am seeing that feeling grow. They took me in, and everyone has been truly friendly.

What is the biggest thing that has stood out to you about your teammates, in terms of the on-court stuff?
Everybody wants to win. That is the one goal everyone is trying to achieve. Everyone is working hard toward that one thing. We want to win, and we are going to do that.

You have had a history of success with basketball, winning a couple of state titles in high school. Every athlete wants to win. What makes that difference between wanting to win and taking the next step to get to a championship level?
You have to be willing to work hard through the tough times and not give up. You have to always be willing to pick your teammates up. People can want to win, but if you are not willing to do those little things, like picking your teammate up or helping to push them through, the winning is not going to happen.

The team is using the motto of "Remember Your Why." What is your personal why, and what do you see as the team's why?
My why is my parents. I do it all for my parents. They have worked so hard to turn me into the woman that I am now, so I do everything I can for them. As far as the team, I want to win. It is about winning. 

From an academic standpoint, what stood out about Rhode Island, and where do you see yourself four years from now?
I really like how they have set up tutors, study hall and academic advisors here for us. I've already looked ahead to see what internships might be available down the road. I just really liked knowing that I was coming to a place where you are going to have support and help no matter what you choose to do. 

Even before you are on campus for your first semester, you have a chance to travel abroad and play against international competition with the team's trip to Portugal and Spain. As a basketball player, what does this opportunity mean to you?
It means a lot. I've never been overseas before. I've never even been out of the country. We are there long enough that we are really going to have the chance to see the area. For me, I think about the possibility of playing professionally overseas rather than playing in the WNBA, so having the chance to go over there and see what the culture is like is a great opportunity.

What is something about you that your teammates would be surprised to learn?
I really like to cook. I don't know if they know that yet, but I really like to cook and I am good at it.