Get to Know... Erin Jones

Get to Know... Erin Jones

You looked at Rhode Island before initially deciding to attend Hartford. What stood out to you about URI, both during the initial process and now a year later when you decided to transfer?
Initially, I was really focused on the academic side of things, and I loved what Rhode Island had to offer in that regard. After spending a year at Hartford, obviously I looked at things from a basketball perspective, and from both a basketball and academic point of view, Rhode Island just fit me very well.

How did it feel to revisit Rhode Island a year later. Obviously you built relationships during the initial recruiting process. To find out Rhode Island was still an option, what did that mean to you?
I feel like I am lucky. I had a relationship with Coach (Marcus) Reilly before going to Hartford. So that connection has been there for a while. After I decided to transfer from Hartford, we started talking more again and I could really see the vision for this program and what it could be.
Coach Reilly has described you as a knock-down 3-point shooter.

When you see the type of offense that is run here, I have to think you are kind of licking your chops a bit to get out there.
Yes. I am so excited about that piece from a basketball standpoint. When you first start out, the dribble drive is a confusing system, but you can see where the open shots are going to be. I am very excited for that. Especially being a 3-point shooter, I like the system we have a lot. I'm a shooter. That's what I want to do.

Since you have been here, what is the biggest thing about URI that has surprised you?
Athletically, even though I have only been here a couple months, my game has grown so much. I am learning not to overthink things and just let the motions of the game take over. Especially with the dribble drive, there are a lot of different steps, what do you do when you get a pass here or there? What are your options? But you can't over think it. I've learned to just play the game and let it come.

What does the sport of basketball mean to you?
Oh man, it means everything to me. Basketball makes me happy. I smile when I talk about the game. Whenever I am frustrated, angry or upset, I just want to play basketball. 

Do you remember the first time you played?
I think it was in first grade, definitely in elementary school. I just remember that I fell in love with the game immediately. 

There are a number of new faces coming into the program. One of the common threads with the new players is a history of success. You won a couple of high school state championships and were a part of back-to-back undefeated seasons. What do you take from that experience that you can bring here?
High school was interesting for me. As a freshman, we won four games. Sophomore year it was 10 games. Junior year we won 24 games, and it just kept on growing every year. I know what it is like to be at the back of the pack and then push your way to the front. I feel like I can help this program grow and reach its potential. I feel like this is a program that can go all the way in the Atlantic 10.

The team has the motto "Remember Your Why." What is your personal why, and what is the team's why?
My personal why is definitely my family. I do everything for my family. They helped me so much with basketball, whether it was high school or AAU tournaments. Whatever it is, they have always been there for me. My sister also played basketball, and she has pushed me always to be the best that I can be. For the team, our why is each other. 

What do envision as your team role this year while you sit due to transfer rules? How much do you see your game growing with a year in the system of practicing before you are able to play in 2018-19?
Obviously this year is going to be frustrating to have to sit out for a whole year. But I think it will give me a chance to learn more about the game, especially the dribble drive. I'll be able to get the system down so that I'll be able to play next season.

What is something about yourself that your teammates don't know yet?
That's a tough one. I guess a fun fact would be that I used to play rugby. I'm not going to lie. I was pretty good at it, too. I played for a club team in New Jersey.