The Daily Grind: Welcome to the Blog!

The Daily Grind: Welcome to the Blog!

Hi Rhody, Marie Gillcrist here! You may recognize me from the Women's Volleyball team, or just because I am the very tall girl always dressed head to toe in Rhody gear, usually drinking an iced coffee, and typically rushing to my next class or practice. I'm a senior middle blocker. So, for those of you who don't know volleyball, that means I'm typically the tallest player on the court. Also, often times the most awkward… but sure hope I've shattered that stereotype!

This final year has already gotten off to a great start with a new head coach, five eager freshmen, and a whole team of my closest friends – which constantly reminds me of why I came all the way to Rhody from Denver, Colorado to play volleyball at URI. For all of you wondering why I ever left Colorado – no, I'm not completely crazy. I got over my most severe case of missing the mountains after first semester freshman year, when I realized I get to go home and see them every Christmas and summer. I quickly began to love the Rhode Island beaches, road trips with my team, legendary Rhody sunsets, wins against Dayton, and the massive snowstorms resulting in Friday snow days and three-day weekends.

As a Public Relations major and Business minor I've had the privilege of being able to experience Rhody academically, athletically, and socially. Now, I'm getting to experience what goes on day-to-day in the athletic department, as an intern in the Athletic Media Relations office. Lucky for you all, this internship also allows me to provide a behind-the-scenes look into the Rhody volleyball program, via this blog, The Daily Grind.

So, with three years under my belt, and this final year already speeding by, I thought it was time Rhody Nation learns more about the amazing people that have impacted my experience here – more specifically, the women and men of The University of Rhode Island Volleyball program. We all love our coffee iced, and of course enjoy the occasional (daily) breakfast bagel, but there is so much more. If you don't know already, you will soon enough as I plan to keep you updated right here, via The Daily Grind. It's going to be a fun semester showing you what makes my daily grind worth it as a Rhody student-athlete.

Until next time!