The Daily Grind: From Canada to Rhody

The Daily Grind: From Canada to Rhody

Hi Rhody! I'm back with Hazel Brown, and on deck for later this week, her fellow sophomore, Jenna McGuire. I can't wait for you to get to know them a bit better! Hazel has become one of my great friends over the past couple years, and I know you will love to hear about her! 

MG: When did you start playing volleyball? What is your favorite thing about playing?

HB: I started playing volleyball for my elementary school team in fourth grade. I also used to dance competitively which took up a lot of my time. It wasn't until ninth grade that I decided I no longer wanted to dance and wanted to try out for a club sports team. It was between basketball and volleyball. It just so happened that the tryouts for each were on the same night, at the same time, and so I ended up choosing volleyball. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made - crazy how those things work out! 

MG: How did you make the decision to come all the way from Oakville, Canada to play at URI?

HB: I honestly had my mind set on staying and playing at a school in Canada for the longest time. I think I was just scared to leave home and what I've known my whole life. I had a long talk with my mom one night, and she really helped me realize that going away for school and just getting the opportunity to experience something completely different isn't something that everyone gets to do.

So, after talking a lot with Coach Steve, and coming on my visit and meeting all the other coaches and players, I absolutely loved it here. I actually went on a visit to another school too, and actually while I was there, I kept telling my mom that I knew I wanted to go to URI.

MG: What keeps you motivated to do all of your schoolwork as a pharmacy major, especially in season?

HB: Keeping on top of all the work is definitely hard, but I honestly think that volleyball helps me stay motivated to get it all done. Having a structured day all the time is really helpful, knowing that you have a certain amount of time allotted each day to get what you need to get done. Also, being in season actually motivates me because I know that if I can do well in season, I have so much time in the spring to do even better!

MG: What is your favorite part of being a member of the URI volleyball team?

HB: My favorite part is definitely getting to spend time with my best friends playing the sport I love almost every day. I'm so thankful to be a part of a team that is so close because you don't always see that. It makes everything easier knowing you have a family in your teammates and coaches.

MG: This season has been very special to all of us for many different reasons. What will you miss the most about Rhody's current volleyball team, and what will you take with you that you've learned from this season?

HB: This season has been filled with a lot of learning experiences for a lot of us. We've faced some adversity on and off the court and the way we have been able to bounce back, and continuously support one another, has been very special. I know that those returning next year will carry what we've learned from that into next season, and the others through the rest of their lives. In terms of this current team, I'll definitely miss the five seniors so much. They've each played such a huge role in making my experience here at URI amazing so far, so shout out to them for that.

MG: You're almost an upperclassman, which means a bit more responsibility as a player and leader on the team. What are you looking forward to most going into next season?

HB: Wow, it's scary to think that I'll almost be an upperclassman! I swear I got here just yesterday. I am definitely most excited about taking on some more responsibility, and being someone that the younger players can come to when they need some advice or someone to talk to. The older players have done that for me, and I'm excited to do the same for others.

The team is being left in great hands, and I know it will continue to do amazing things. And, I can speak for all of the seniors in saying, we will miss you all more then you know! Thank you Rhody! 

Until next time!