Journey With Jay: A Blog by Jalissa Ross

August 10, 2018 - Welcome to the Blog!
Hello everyone! My name is Jalissa Ross and I am a senior on the women's basketball team. Fortunately enough, our program has the amazing opportunity to explore  various parts of Europe along with competing against some of their elite players. As a journalism and film/media major I will be giving all of our fans, families, donors and biggest supporters a glimpse of where we will be touring, eating, and competing... [continue reading

August 12, 2018 - Touched Down in Portugal!
On our first day here in Lisbon, Portugal we were greeted by our amazing tour guide Francisco. He gave us a brief description of where we were headed and what to expect throughout the day. Francisco talked about Portugal being such an old country but gaining its independence very late (1128). After breakfast we started out touring parts of Central Lisbon. Throughout our tour we were able to see exactly what Francisco meant by "old country." The pavement is made out of limestone and many of the buildings have the same medieval look... [continue reading]

August 13, 2018 - Palace of Pena and Beyond
Today the tours continued on our third day in Portugal as we head into the mountains to see the Palace of Pena. The location of the Palace was at the top of a mountain so in order to get there we needed to take winding narrow roads uphill. Taking these roads in such a large bus gave many of us anxiety. As we continued to climb up the long road, we realized how great of a driver our bus driver actually is. Francisco gives us some quick facts about the palace and its location. Once we get there the line was long but Francisco - being the great guy he is - waited in line while we sat and waited on the bus. The hardest part was... [continue reading]

August 17, 2018 - Last Day in Portugal, First Days in Spain
On our last day in Portugal it was the best day ever. We went on small sail boats on the Tagus River.  Because our group was too big for one boat, they split us up into three different boats.  We loaded onto our vessels and began our journey down the river, which was so big it felt like it was the ocean. The weather was great which only made the trip even better. We got to dance, laugh, and make funny videos. After a long day on the water we had our second game. The gym we played in is not like what  we are all used to, but the competition was excellent. I enjoyed playing in Portugal because... [continue reading]

August 20, 2018 - The End of the Journey
On our third day in Barcelona, we toured the Sagrada Família, a large Roman Catholic Church that was first started in 1882. The craziest part about this piece is that it is not projected to be completed until 2026! The tour of Sagrada Família was one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I've seen in my life. I know it seems like an over exaggeration but Antoni Gaudí - the architect - made so many small details in this work and it can't be matched. The colors and massiveness of the project is unbelievable. I love how even though Gaudí could not live to see the project complete, it's like a living memory of his hard work and dedication. Later we had a pregame meal and got ready for our last game of our foreign tour. We came out with the big win over the Barcelona All-Stars... [continue reading]