Inside Slant: Hard Work, Sacrifice and Maturity Paved Way for Success

Photo Credit: Mike Scott
Photo Credit: Mike Scott

By Khayri Denny Staff

The fact that Rhody football – now ranked No. 18 in the STATS FCS Top 25 and No. 17 in the AFCA FCS Coaches Poll – is having success this season has not come as a surprise in my eyes.

Being a senior who has been on the field since freshman year, I can say that a lot of hard work, sacrifice and maturity has paved the way for the success we are all witnessing today. From the first day I put on pads on my freshman year here, I knew we were going to have pretty rough outings to come.

As the years went on and new players came in, I started to notice the change season by season. Our offense would typically the struggle in the past years, but now it has become one of the biggest threats to opposing teams in the CAA. Especially being a wide receiver and part of the successful receiving core that has developed over the years, I can personally tell you that this has been a key reason to why the offense has taken it to another level.

This year I knew it was the year to shock the world based on the depth and talent we have on all levels and areas of the field. Being that there are nearly two dozen seniors who all contribute offensively and defensively, it brings a level of experience and maturity that is key to establishing a successful season. People may be shocked by our success, but what I can say is they haven't even seen the best yet.

Yes, we were picked last yet again in the CAA preseason poll, but all the hardships and failures we've been through only made us that much stronger and hungry for success than ever. We have a lot more improving to do, and we have to take it day-by-day to ultimately get to the one common goal we have, and that is to win a CAA Football championship. 

Rhode Island senior wide receiver Khayri Denny will take fans behind the scenes with his blog, Inside Slant, throughout the 2018 season.