Inside Slant: Work Ethic Shines Through in Asiedu-Johnson

Inside Slant: Work Ethic Shines Through in Asiedu-Johnson

By Khayri Denny Staff

– Not too often in life do we meet people who genuinely have an impact on our growth. Prince Asiedu-Johnson happens to be one of those rare individuals.

Prince is a junior who made the football team as a walk-on who now has earned a partial scholarship and has had a significant impact on the field. Getting to know Prince over these few years has been an interesting and inspiring experience.

Growing up in Pawtucket, R.I. the opportunity for success in sports was very slim. Although college programs are encouraged to bring in home state talent, the University of Rhode Island happens to be one of those institutions that has more out of state players than in state. Not only did he come out of a small town in Rhode Island, he attended Tolman High School which is not known for their football program at all.

One thing that was very interesting about Prince's journey was that he took two years out of school, to make time for himself.

"My plan was to come to the University and play football, unfortunately it did not turn out that way," he said.

After spending time at home, he realized that football was something that he still inspired to do.

"I spent nights praying that I would have that opportunity again," Asiedu-Johnson said.

After much hard work and determination, he found himself back at the University, getting another opportunity to play the game he loves. Prince sustained a toe injury which ultimately required him to have surgery last season. This was another obstacle that was placed in front of him, but it did not stop him.

He came back stronger after this surgery and has earned playing time this season. Against in-state rival Brown, Asiedu-Johnson ran eight times for 49 yards. He also had three receptions in a win over Albany, and has made significant contributions in other games as well.

Prince Asiedu-Johnson is a person that I respect and appreciate; I feel like we have a lot in common. He is genuine, hardworking, and respectful. When it gets hard, it may hurt for a moment, but life will not stop him. His attitude is something I have the utmost respect for.

As he continues to grind and trust the process, there is no doubt in my mind that he will accomplish everything planned for his life.

Rhode Island senior wide receiver Khayri Denny will take fans behind the scenes with his blog, Inside Slant, throughout the 2018 season.