Multi-Talented Franklin Has Explored Music and Track During Time at URI

Photo Credit: Mike Scott
Photo Credit: Mike Scott

By Khayri Denny Staff

– When interacting with student-athletes, you often find individuals that are not only gifted in that particular sport, but also in other aspects in life.

Whether it is music, art, technology or any other area of life, being talented in several fields is not uncommon. Adam Franklin, a senior track and field athlete who competes in the 400-meter dash, happens to be one of those individuals.

Running track wasn't the only thing that came naturally to the Boonton Town, N.J. native. He also is passionate about music.

"Growing up I played five instruments, but the piano has been my favorite ever since I was in fourth grade," Franklin said.

During his freshman year at URI, Adam and a couple of friends decided to organize a music group called Gansette.

"Ever since my freshman year, we have established this group and have performed at local spots around Rhode Island while also making music videos," Franklin said.

When asked what he exactly wanted to pursue in the future, he responded, "I eventually want to get into television shows or series and hopefully produce at award shows."

While he doesn't have a pre-competition ritual, it's no surprise Franklin turns to music to get himself prepared.

"I never really had a ritual or routine I did before events," Franklin said. "I just try to get my mind right, maybe listen to some music but that's really it."

Right now Franklin works in the Campus Recreation department of the University, where he runs handles marketing.

"I love the position because it allows me to be creative," Franklin said.

Going into his final collegiate season, he has big expectations for himself and team. Last season, he qualified for the NCAA East Regional in the 400-meter hurdles.

"I'm looking for us to win the A-10 championship and I'm also looking to win all my personal events," Franklin said. "The NCAA National Championship is a dream goal this year as well."