Journey With Jay: Touched Down in Portugal!

Journey With Jay: Touched Down in Portugal!

Hey Everyone! Welcome back.

On our first day here in Lisbon, Portugal we were greeted by our amazing tour guide Francisco. He gave us a brief description of where we were headed and what to expect throughout the day. Francisco talked about Portugal being such an old country but gaining its independence very late (1128).

After breakfast we started out touring parts of Central Lisbon. Throughout our tour we were able to see exactly what Francisco meant by "old country." The pavement is made out of limestone and many of the buildings have the same medieval look. I liked this about Portugal, but I also enjoyed the new and more modern feel as well.

After the tour concluded we were able to shop and mingle. There were stores like H&M and Zara, however, there were small shops and stands as well. Later, we ate in a small location that had traditional Portuguese food, McDonald's and small gelato spots. The food was not very different from the states. The major difference is that many of the plates were served with rice and beans, but had a side of french fries.

After dinner that night we were given free time to explore around our hotel. We found a small spot to sing karaoke and dance. We took a lot of pictures and walked around and experienced the night life. Our first night in Portugal was a night to remember!

- Jalissa