Journey With Jay: Palace of Pena and Beyond

Journey With Jay: Palace of Pena and Beyond

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Today the tours continued on our third day in Portugal as we head into the mountains to see the Palace of Pena. The location of the Palace was at the top of a mountain so in order to get there we needed to take winding narrow roads uphill. Taking these roads in such a large bus gave many of us anxiety. As we continued to climb up the long road, we realized how great of a driver our bus driver actually is. Francisco gives us some quick facts about the palace and its location.

Once we get there the line was long but Francisco - being the great guy he is - waited in line while we sat and waited on the bus. The hardest part was climbing the seven minute walk, with a combination of both hills and stairs. It was the perfect pregame workout!

Entering the Palace was amazing. It had vibrant colors of red and yellow, against the tan walls. There were some small hints of blue detailed tile outside the wall as well. I loved the look and the view was amazing. We could see the different aspects of Lisbon that we toured earlier on in the week.

After our tour we ate a quick lunch and headed back to our hotel to get ready for our game against the Lisbon All-Stars. On our way back we stopped at the Western most part of Europe to take pictures and take in the view. When we got to the gym, the Wofford men's basketball team was finishing their game against the Lisbon Elite men's team. Unfortunately, they broke the backboard to one of the hoops while trying to dunk, forcing us to relocate to another gym about 15 minutes away.

That didn't slow us down one bit. We fought through everything and we were able to come out with a win! Tomorrow we have the opportunity to tour another location and play again. We can't wait!

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time,

- Jalissa