At the Catch: With Karen Petrik

At the Catch: With Karen Petrik

Every year, the Rhode Island Rowing team heads down to DeLand, Fla. for its winter training trip. The Rams are able to log thousands of meters on Lake Beresford and the canals extending from it before heading back to Kingston to continue training indoors. This year, the team's seniors will give Rhody fans an inside look at what each day of the training trip is like. 

Today's post comes from senior Karen Petrik

Today's training day was full of team competition! The day started with warm weather as we shoved off the dock for our morning practice. The sun was shining, and we were ready to attack the workout for the day. This workout called for the boats to be side by side, competing to get their bow out in front. With the Florida heat and tight racing, it was important to keep composure as we were getting fatigued.

Our second practice of the day called for some fun inter-squad competition! We broke up into two teams and completed a relay consisting of running and a circuit. Each team was timed and the coxswains of the winning team got a "free sleep in card" to use on a day of practice. With that incentive, the coxswains were all on board to motivate their team to finish first. There was a lot of positive energy as both teams finished, and it taught us that we must push each other to get faster as a group. It felt great to be part of such a supportive group of women!

After the relay we did some much-needed yoga to stretch out. We then gathered as a team and headed off to dinner. Another day of training was complete and our spirits are high as we move forward, getting faster each day!