At the Catch: With Mekenzie Mattheson

At the Catch: With Mekenzie Mattheson

Every year, the Rhode Island Rowing team heads down to DeLand, Fla. for its winter training trip. The Rams are able to log thousands of meters on Lake Beresford and the canals extending from it before heading back to Kingston to continue training indoors. This year, the team's seniors will give Rhody fans an inside look at what each day of the training trip is like. 

Today's post comes from senior Mekenzie Mattheson

Today the vans rolled at 6:45 a.m., a slightly jarring half hour earlier than our previous days in Florida. We watched the sun rise with brilliant colors of pink and orange, the perfect start to our last day in DeLand. Due to the impending Nor'easter (ah, welcome home) the trailer had to leave us earlier than what was planned. This meant that the morning row would be the last row of the 2019 Florida training trip. 

A handful of fours went out on the water to test their speed with some pieces. As a result of tendonitis (boo), I stayed on land and mimicked the pieces on the track outside of the boathouse with a couple of my teammates. When the team was reunited once again on land, we quickly and accurately loaded the trailer. When the last straps were tightened and the final pair of riggers secured, we said goodbye to our dear trailer.  

Back at the hotel during our intermission, I enjoyed a divine peanut butter and jelly sandwich, indulged in a lengthy cat nap and read another 80 pages of Rowling's riveting novel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

At 3:00 p.m. we were on the road once more. Our final workout had high stakes -- the winner from each class would win a highly sought after prize. The mission: run up and down Lakeside Rd. twice, then head right to the track where we would alternate doing 10-20 reps of an exercise (i.e. push-ups, jumpies, etc.) and running a lap. My favorite part of this workout was when all of my teammates cheered me on while I crossed the finish line. Jackie Peschko, Kira McCully, Emily Winslow and Maddie Van Ummersen were the champions today, and boy were they speedy!

The end of this trip marks the beginning of our spring season. This team is fit, determined and ready to take this season by the horns. We are the storm!

Go Rhody!