Rhody Boats Advance to C/D Semifinals Saturday

Photo Credit: Justin Casterline
Photo Credit: Justin Casterline

Complete Results

- Each of Rhode Island's three boats advanced to the C/D semifinals following the opening day of competition at the 2019 NCAA Women's Rowing Championship at Eagle Creek Park.

Racing was delayed by more than seven hours due to a storm that passed through the Indianapolis area Thursday night. Race officials needed most of the day to clear debris from the race course. The issues caused the repechage round of competition to be canceled, with the opening round feeding directly into the semifinals.

Rhody's first boat to compete was the Varsity's 8+ team of coxswain Karen Petrik, Erika Pena, Emily Winslow, Maddie Van Ummersen, Allie Reilly, Katie Shattuck, Jennae Alexander, Sage Iacovazzi and Katie Usher. The Rams, seeded 19th in its flight, finished according to seed in their heat, placing fifth. No. 3 Stanford won the heat in 6:09.583, followed by No. 6 Michigan (6:15.235), No. 11 Rutgers (6:16.728), No. 14 Harvard (6:20.011), Rhode Island (6:38.980) and Marist (6:42.157)

The Second Varsity 8+ team of coxswain Brenna Kelly, Mekenzie Mattheson, Madalyn Saporito, Sarah Dudinski, Kira McCully, Erin Shober, Kat Gillies, Anna Sampson and Kelsey Williams finished sixth in its heat. California, the favorite, won the heat by five seconds ahead of Virginia.

Rhode Island's Varsity 4 team of coxswain Tory Bauer, Tinsley Copeland, Morgan Cody, Stephanie Erlacher and Julia Fortin also is headed for the C/D semifinals. Results for the heat were delayed for several hours due to a protest by Virginia, which finished fourth in the heat. Rhode Island was fifth with a time of 7:41.824, holding off Marist by nearly 10 seconds. Texas won the heat in 7:08.753.

Rhode Island Friday Results
Varsity 8+
Heat 3
Stanford - 6:09.583
Michigan - 6:15.235
Rutgers - 6:16.728
Harvard - 6:20.011
Rhode Island - 6:38.980
Marist - 6:42.157

Second Varsity 8+
Heat 4
California - 6:24.858
Virginia - 6:29.904
Indiana - 6:32.115
Harvard - 6:34.407
Gonzaga - 6:50.304
Rhode Island - 6:57.000

Varsity 4+
Heat 3 

Texas - 7:08.753
Princeton - 7:11.924
Rutgers - 7:13.830
Virginia - 7:19.166
Rhode Island - 7:41.824
Marist - 7:51.634

Rhode Island Saturday Schedule
Varsity 8+
C/D Semifinal - vs. Northeastern, UCF, Duke and Wisconsin

8:12 a.m.

Second Varsity 8+
C/D Semifinal - vs. Northeastern, Harvard,  UCF and Iowa
9:00 a.m.

Varsity 4+
C/D Semifinal -
vs. Gonzaga, Wisconsin, UCF and Harvard
10:00 a.m.

Rhode Island Lineups
Varsity 8+ (34-19)
Cox    Karen Petrik
Stroke Erika Pena
7 Seat Emily Winslow
6 Seat Maddie Van Ummersen
5 Seat Allie Reilly
4 Seat Katie Shattuck
3 Seat Jennae Alexander
2 Seat Sage Iacovazzi
Bow    Katie Usher

Second Varsity 8+ (25-28)
Cox     Brenna Kelly
Stroke Mekenzie Mattheson
7 Seat Madalyn Saporito
6 Seat Sarah Dudinski
5 Seat Kira McCully
4 Seat Erin Shober
3 Seat Kat Gillies
2 Seat Anna Sampson
Bow    Kelsey Williams

Varsity 4+ (34-18)
Cox     Tory Bauer
Stroke Tinsley Copeland
3 Seat Morgan Cody 
2 Seat Stephanie Erlacher
Bow     Julia Fortin