Mission Statement


2016 – 2017



The mission of the Swimming & Diving Program at the University of Rhode Island is to create an environment where women student – athletes at a Division I institution can be very successful in the classroom, where they can develop their athletic skills in the sports of diving and swimming to achieve their greatest potential, and where they can adopt skills that will lead them to successful lives both personally and professionally.  These goals are fostered and promoted in an atmosphere where a sense of family is advanced, and remembering that the first mark of a woman/leader is someone who can lead herself.


  1. We encourage individual initiative
  2. We will show respect and concern for the individual
  3. We will tackle huge challenges and risks, and do so without cynicism
  4. We know that people are a source of our strength and self-confidence
  5. We will never be satisfied; never accept second place. We will compete every day!
  6. We understand and embrace the core values of this program
  7. Teach, drive, motivate, mold to perfection – The Power of Habit!
  8. Do everything right and do it with class
  9. Be a little unconventional – don’t be afraid to “Think outside of the box”
  10. Integrity: We are committed to the highest sense of integrity encompassing every aspect of our behavior as members of the Rhode Island Swimming and Diving Family.  This translates into us striving for the highest moral character, honor, respect and honesty.  We realize that the strength of our community is based on the integrity of all of its members.

  1. Upperclassmen will hold everyone accountable for workouts, study hall, etc.  for fully complying with all of the expectations of The Program.
  2. Swimmers and divers are expected to discuss with the seniors/big sisters, as well as their coaches – including strength coaches and athletic trainers, options for making up workouts when regularly scheduled workouts have to be missed.
  3. Our seniors will hold a meeting to convey any/all messages, including this “Mission Statement” and our “Core Ideologies”. 
  4. We will meet with all upperclassmen to reinforce “Big Sister/Little Sister” program during the first full week of classes.  This program needs to be enhanced and strengthened.
  5. Everyone is a leader; Perceptiveness is the secret. (Stay calm in a crisis, positive thinking.)
  6. Wisdom to Plan, Courage to Act, and the Capability to Manage!